Frequent questions

  • What is this association of painters and what is its main objective?

Our painters association is a group of artists who have come together to promote and sell their artwork online. Our main goal is to provide a platform where artists can display and sell their creations effectively.

  • How can I join the association as a painter or artist?

You can join our painters association as an artist by completing the application form on our website. We will review your application and provide you with more information about the membership process.

  • What advantages does this association offer to member painters?

Members of our association have access to an online platform to display and sell their artwork. We also offer promotional opportunities, sales management support, and the ability to connect with other artists.

  • Can I buy paintings directly through the association's website?

Yes, you can purchase artwork directly through our platform. We have a wide selection of works of various styles and themes available for purchase.

  • How does the process of purchasing paintings on the platform work?

The purchasing process is simple. Simply select the artwork you are interested in, add to cart, and follow the instructions to complete payment. We will then ship the artwork to the address you provide.

  • What types of artwork are available for sale on the web?

On our platform, you will find a variety of types of artwork, including oil paintings, watercolors, mixed media works, and more. We also offer works in a wide range of styles and themes.

  • Are the paintings available unique or can reproductions be purchased?

Most of the works we offer are unique and original created by our member artists. However, some artists can offer high-quality reproductions of their original works.

  • How are the prices of works of art established on the platform?

The prices of works of art are determined by the artists themselves. Each artist sets the price of their works based on their value and demand in the market.

  • Can I order a personalized painting from a member of the association?

Yes, some of our artists offer commission services. You can contact the artist directly to discuss your ideas and requirements.

  • How is the authenticity and quality of the artworks sold on the platform guaranteed?

We ensure that all artworks sold on our platform are authentic and of high quality. We work closely with our artists to ensure the integrity of their works and offer guarantees of authenticity where appropriate.