My story

Martin founder

Our story begins with Martín, a passionate artist who always felt that the streets were the perfect setting for artistic expression. He grew up amazed by the colorful brushstrokes that street artists left in the squares and passages of his hometown, Salamanca. A self-taught painter who grew up hand in hand with artistic creation from a young age. The vitality of these works prompted him to pursue his dream of uniting street painters from around the world under one banner.

Martín, in La Carihuela, Torremolinos Year 1984

With determination and enthusiasm, Martin established an online platform that would bring his vision to life. Thus "Cuadro Verso" was born, a website where street painters could share their oil-on-canvas creations with a global audience. Martín not only wanted the works to be appreciated, but also for each brushstroke to tell a unique story.

We exhibit every Saturday in the Puerto Banús plaza center, where our clients can see our works directly.

Photos with clients